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New Recruit Information

94th Infantry Division Reenacted

Important information for new recruits!

Required equipment:


These are things that you need by the end of your first year, regardless of what job you hold, many of these items can be found fairly inexpensive, make sure that you get a list of vendors!


  • Trousers, M1937, Olive Drab (OD).
  • Field Jacket (also called a combat jacket) M41 or M43 are both acceptable (OD) depending on the year events before 1943 cannot have soldier wearing an M1943 jacket.
  • Wool Shirt (OD) again M1937, with or without gas flap.
  • Boots, Low quarter for early war, double buckle for late war.
  • Leggings M1939
  • Steel pot M1 Helmet OD with lining, lining must have correct leather strap and khaki chin strap.
  • Cartridge belt, Khaki with Canteen (OD or Khaki cover).
  • 94th infantry division patch (left shoulder--its the 9/4 patch)


After one year the next things you should obtain are:


  • M1 Garand
  • Bayonet for rifle (with scabbard) Either 10" or 16"
  • Bandoliers for .30-06 Caliber rifle 
  • Haversack (early war) or Mussette Bag (late war)  
  • Shovel with OD cover (t-handle or folding)


You can round out your impression with:


  • Overseas Cap (blue piping)
  • M-1939 (dress) jacket  or Ike Jacket
  • Garrison cap with infantry disc
  • Colt 1911 blank firing pistol or .357 blank firing revolver
  • Gas Mask with kidney pouch
  • Knit hat for M1 helmet
  • Blanket
  • Shelter half  
  • K, C, D Rations
  • Cloth bandoliers
  • Gloves
  • Greatcoat
  • Collar Insignia (us, cross muskets)
  • Distinctive Insignia (302nd) for your M39 jacket and overseas cap


There are many different items which you can use to perfect your impersonation, but remember that you are trying to accurately portray an average person from that era, do not go too overboard.


Glasses, Watches, Cell phones and pagers


Leave the cellphones and pagers in the car, you cant take them with you. However a cleverly concealed camera is often a nice to have, just be careful where and when you use it. You are permitted to wear a period watch only, no new digital watches. Your glasses should be wire framed period glasses.


In order to fire a rifle, you must pass inspection before every drill and event

Here are some things that you can do within this unit:


Private: Hard working GI, who defeated Hitler to keep the world free.

Corporal: In charge of a group of privates (elected).

Sergeant: An elected position in charge of mataining the order of the squad.

Medic: for those who always wanted to answer the call of medic or are too young to operate a weapon, this is the perfect position! You can still participate in combat and yet dont have to clean a weapon!

Radio Operator: (T-Sgt.) This rank is available to anyone! You can be a sergeant (even though it holds no power) just by carrying the radio. You still have to handle a rifle.

Chaplin/MP: Limited to a non-combatant role, can be combined with mess attendant for those who cannot participate in events due to health reasons or because of age are not old enough to carry a firearm.